You grew up, but your personal life is trapped in a “Mean Girls” movie. Meanwhile, our members are connecting with their inner circle privately on Apple and Android devices all over the world, completely free of the strangers, propaganda, outrage and noise.

Every service we offer to the public is encrypted, free and free of everything you never wanted in your online social life. Welcome to a whole new World.



Your social network has incredible potential, but it’s trapped in high school. Finally, there’s a social network that’s evolved with your life.

Upgrade to Useful

Would you drive a car with brakes that work…sometimes? You can’t rely on what you can’t trust, which is why Facebook is holding you back from unleashing the true power of your personal network. By getting rid of Social 1.0‘s artificial publishing forced within your relationships, USpace upgrades your network to enterprise level service.

Less Time

Most tech companies want your time. USpace wants you to have seamless communications. See what close friends and family are up to and be done. Monitor everything happening in your key relationships at a glance – without weirdos, outrage, and second guessing what you post – and get back to real life.

Connect for Life

With your first Trusted Connection, you have a discreet, encrypted and truly private channel between you that replaces dependence on dated and vulnerable technologies like messaging apps, text messages, phone calls and emails. Each new connection builds a global directory you can rely on in an ever changing future of communications.

Easy Access

Sometimes you can’t get to an app, so you need web access. A network needs multiple points of access to fit your life. USpace is available anywhere, from any device, with free iOS and Android apps and a mobile web-app that runs on any current browser, on any device in the world at www.unpublished.space


USpace has no ads, data mining, algorithm filters, bots, stalkers, roving outrage mobs or other network clutter to distract you from the business of life. 

Our design streamlines all core network functions in a minimalist interface that gives you a truly private experience where you can develop your greatest ideas.



"I had been finding myself checking in less and less on fb and insta. I didn't want a bunch of randos looking at my kids and a lot of my "friends" were mere acquaintances. Every time I logged in to quick post, I would find myself sucked into spending way more time than I meant to or getting upset at a politically charged post. With this app I can quickly log in and see what my close friends and family are up to and be done."

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USpace ios review

"I use social media for work, but it doesn’t really work for my personal life. When I first heard about this idea, I knew this is the future of social networking. USpace works for my life because it’s a network and it’s totally private."

Tobin Sprout


Our Intuitive Minimalist Interface

At Unpublished Space LLC, the Atlanta company that makes USpace, user experience isn’t just a priority, it’s a passion. Our deceptively simple interface supports handling a tremendous amount of information with beautiful efficiency.

Organize Your Conversations

You can host or be a guest in a Trusted Connection’s Private Room on USpace. While you can monitor activity from all your Rooms on your Universal Feed, all room activity is completely private and discreet to the Host and Guests in each room.

Safely Share Information

Because the only people who can see your profile, or even know you are on USpace, are verified by you by their email address, you can share real information about where you work; where you live; and links to other profiles you maintain on digital platforms all over the world. You’ll never have to send a text or make a phone call asking for a Trusted Connection’s mailing address or work email again.

For Your Inner Circle

Keep Facebook for ‘acquaintance maintenance.’ USpace is for the real business of life. Stay in instant, encrypted, global contact with your close family and friends, your lawyer, your financial advisor, your business partners, and that secret crew of people you’ve assembled to create your world changing idea. We treat each USpace platform member with total discretion and consideration. Our promise and legal obligation to you is that we won’t invite ourselves over to spy on you, just because you’re using our platform.

Monitor Every Conversation

It’s your business and personal life, so you are literally the only person in the world who knows what’s going on. USpace’s Universal Feed consolidates all your private network activity in chronological order — without algorithms or any other filter — allowing you to monitor real-time post activity across every Private Room you Host or are a Guest in. Soon you can also Follow any Trusted Connection’s personal status updates in the UF. It’s your personal life activity at a glance.

Profile Status Updates

Every profile is equipped with Twitter like status updates. This allows your Trusted Connections to discretely check in on what’s happening in your life. We have already laid ground for a feature that lets your Trusted Connections Follow your updates in their Universal Feed and you can Follow their Profile Status Updates in your feed.

Who we're working with


A social app without data mining is uncharted territory, which is why we call our early adopters “Space Explorers.” Try USpace right now with friends who love tech. Invite your Facebook crowd when we release image support in Fall 2019. 

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